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This is where the fun begins. We have over 20 years of experience working with individuals and businesses on their creative endeavors, including marketing/promotional videos, brand production, photoshoots, music videos, documentaries and music albums.Our ability to communicate with our clients, and understand their vision and goals, and precisely translate that onto a photo or film is what sets us apart from the crowd. We are also good at getting you to relax in front of the camera.


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Imagine a new way to create brand awareness. We create custom, original branded content seamlessly centered around your company and your product. Our original content can capture the way you want your brand to look and feel while simply placing your product in the environment in which it was intended to be used. But it’s not just about product placement; it’s more about making your product a character in the story, like the clothes and shoes in Sex & The City, the cars in the James Bond or Fast and the Furious movies, or Beats headphones in most music videos. We can help you do something similar with your products and your brand. For example, your product could be featured in a film, a show, a series, an album, or a podcast. Your product and brand is limited only by what you cannot imagine. We can help you imagine the possibilities.

We are a production company that focuses on branded content creation. We believe that creating useful content is a matter of effective and compelling storytelling. There is a story within an individual project, and there is a story that the project helps to tell within a business’ s overarching brand. Anyone with a camera can shoot a video or take a picture, but not everyone knows how to tell a story with that footage. We do.