Imagine stands as our crown jewel, our central offering. It is the playground where we master the art of emotional storytelling in its full spectrum, where we paint a mosaic of human emotions - the infectious laughter, the pulse-quickening excitement, the riveting drama, the understated classiness - any emotion you wish to resonate with your clientele.Let us bare the truth - it is not merely the objective merits of a product or service that influence your patronage. More often than not, it is the emotional connections, the feelings you experience when you engage with a business or its offerings, that truly sway your decisions. Our craft, thus, is to architect a production that is an echo of your product, a reflection of your brand. This could involve the staging of actors, the weaving of scripts, and a multitude of other elements that breathe life into your narrative.Yet, we acknowledge that such an endeavor, though potent in its impact, comes with a significant investment. It is a journey that needs careful consideration, a balance between where your business currently stands and the message you wish to broadcast to the world. But rest assured, we are here to guide you through this labyrinth, to find the path that aligns with your vision and aspirations.


If your quest is to fine-tune your look, to craft a distinctive style, to curate a wardrobe or orchestrate a hairstyle befitting your production, consider yourself covered. Our resident stylist, the talented Melissa, has been a part of the 19 Production family, working closely with Matthew Osborne, for a tenure that spans over 15 years. In that time, disappointment has been a stranger to our clients.

Our second stylist is located in Paris, France. Hope Brown is as talented as they come and has styled high-end clientele for high-profile shoots. She flies into Dallas when needed but can correspond from Paris. Please reach out for more specific quotes so we can get a better understanding of your needs.





Our craft's success hinges on emotion and storytelling. These two elements are inseparable. While many see storytelling as the end, for us, it's just the beginning of deeper exploration. Brené Brown wisely noted, 'We are emotional, feeling beings; who, on rare occasions, think.' This guides us. We capture not just events but the emotions that make your story come alive. We focus on the depths, seeking the heartbeat of your narrative to share with the world.




(Daily Rate $800)

In the vast expanse of the business world, your face often serves as the inaugural handshake, the first impression one leaves on a potential customer or partner. It becomes vital, then, to invest with care in how you present yourself to your audience. Ask yourself - do you wish to be seen as halfway ready, or as impeccably composed, an embodiment of your brand's ideals?Our in-house magician, our hair and makeup artist, is skilled in crafting an image that ranges from the realm of special effects to your perfect on-camera persona. Her repertoire is no less than a cinematic constellation, dotted with esteemed credits that include acclaimed films like 'The Dark Knight,' 'The Break-up,' and 'Divergent.' Television, too, has been graced with her artistry, with her work showcased in popular series such as 'Fargo,' 'The Playboy Club,' and 'Chicago Fire.' With such a seasoned hand at your service, you can be assured of a presentation that's nothing short of cinematic excellence. 


Hourly Rate

All our production services from filming, to project management/creation, to photography, website development, NFT's etc., bill at $350/hr.


(Hourly Rate $350)

Our resident wordsmith, the talented copywriter and editor nestled within our ranks, is the pen behind the prose gracing our website and client projects. Boasting a career spanning over 15 years, she is adept at the art of written expression. Her extraordinary gift, I believe, lies in her ability to don the linguistic cloak of her clients, to adopt their voice and paint their story in their unique palette.Moreover, she crafts narratives with a universal appeal, sculpting the words such that they are as comprehensible to a curious child as to a wise grandparent. This trait becomes invaluable when it comes to articulating your mission and vision to your audience. Her skill ensures that your message resonates across the breadth of your clientele, regardless of their age or background.


(FLAT $2000)

Storyboarding serves as a vital tool in the art of imagining a finished product. It guides the creator, illuminates potential pitfalls in production, streamlines the filming process, and provides a foundation upon which new ideas can flourish.

In Dallas, we find William Toliver, an artist of significant talent, who has committed himself to our team's mission of bringing our clients' visions into reality. His artwork has been exhibited at several shows, and notably at the Daisha Board Gallery. We eagerly await the moment when you, too, will meet Will.

This service we offer is comprehensive. It begins with forging the concept for your content, crafting it into words, and shaping it through the delicate art of storyboarding. The end product is a concept ripe for execution by 19 Production or any other company you may choose. Two rounds of edits ensure that your vision is fine-tuned to your liking, and the final concept will be delivered in a PDF file. It's a process grounded in collaboration and dedicated to the realization of your creative dreams.

The standard pricing for this service is a flat rate of $2,000. Should the project expand into something of a larger scale, then the price will appropriately reflect the additional work required to execute. In this endeavor, we value not only the craft but also transparency and fairness in our approach.