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If you need help with your look, style, wardrobe, or hair for your production. We got you covered. Our in house stylist Melissa has been working with Matthew Osborne and 19 Production for over 15 years and are yet to find a disappointed client.

Email: Flat fee of $70 for our in-house stylist to put together a look for you by suggesting outfits via photograph examples and suggesting stores where those outfits may be available.

In person: $140 for the first hour and $70 for any additional hours. Our in-house stylist will meet with you to figure out your needs. She will go shopping with you and help you develop a look for your video/photographs that you can also use moving forward. (The first hour or the $70 fee are due up front, and any additional time will be invoiced.)





With Every Package

We will provide you with high quality photos and bonus video footage with each package. Regardless of the package you choose, we always take a holistic approach to the production process, keeping in mind how you and your space looks, how you sound, what music suits you, your business, and the mood that you want to convey, and how cutting the shots together with the music and your voice creates a crisp and professional picture to entice your customers. Our mission is to communicate, be consistent, and to deliver. We approach every project we do with a deep respect and passion for the art of photography and film and with tremendous excitement in helping people achieve their goals. There is nothing like seeing a satisfied client. It's almost payment enough. That's why we focus on our relationships with our clients. We take the time to learn about each client's needs and expectations. We are ultimately helping you solve your business marketing needs with respect to media.  We manage those expectations and communicate timelines, turn around time, and deliverables. We pride ourselves on our consistency so that you know what to expect and when to expect it. Finally, we deliver a polished product to help you improve your brand. It's that simple. Because, at the end of the day, business is just people.


($550)($595.39 after tax)

This is a 1-10 minute video where you talk about and describe yourself, your business, and your brand in a setting of your choosing or if needed we can help you find a location. You also get 15 high quality photos.  This job is 1 hour on location. In this video, you will tell the story of your business, including your journey from the beginning to where you are now, your products and/or services, your mission statement, etc. The point is to give your customers insight into your business and you as a business owner so that they can better connect with you. As a practical matter, this can be a very stylistic video, or it can simply be you in front of a black or white background. In addition, we will record you on industry standard professional audio equipment so that your voice sounds crisp and clear.


($675)($730.69 after tax)

We will come to your place of business and capture stylistic shots of you, and your location, employees, business, and events. We will cut that together with music of your choosing in a way that communicates your brand, message, location, etc. These videos range from 1-5 minutes and usually includes bonus footage. You will also get 15 high quality photos.  This job is 1 hour on location. This video showcases your business, employees, location, products, services, and events. In an upbeat and stylistic way, we want to convey your energy and message and present a glimpse of your business in action. We will work with you to choose music that fits the mood of your business and edit the footage to target your audience and customers.

($250/hr or $20 per 30 Second Clip

& $10 for 4 photos)

There is a creative way to entertain guests at your corporate events, summits, conferences, parties, etc. We will film your guest in 30-second slow motion clips that are either set to music or no music at all, the guest decides. We have a professional camera, lighting, backdrop if needed, and a laptop with air drop/wifi so that we can deliver the video clips to your guests within minutes of filming. We want them to have the ability to post on social media instantly to share how much fun they are having at your event!  

($350)($378.89 after tax)

We will come to your place of business/event and capture 6 thirty second to 5 minute high quality, unedited video clips that you can post to social media within 24 hours. For additional hours add $250/hr.

($290)($313.94 after tax)

We will come to your location or event and take 20 photos. We edit and deliver on site. Additional photos are $10 each photo.

($225/hr before tax)

We will film your event from start to finish. We will use two cameras and cut between both shots to add some variety to the event. There is not really any post production needed. We can add your logo, website, and contact info if needed.

($250/hr before tax)

This service requires a quote because each project will be different. Custom projects include TV shows, series, documentaries, educational videos, etc. Photos are $250 an hour and $15 per photo.










We don’t just shoot videos or take pictures. We create content by crafting compelling narratives. We view each project individually and also as a chapter in the story of our clients’ overall brand. We believe that this approach captivates the audience and more effectively engages them with our clients’ businesses.

The process of creating content is more than just filming on an expensive camera. Content creation has a lot of moving parts, and our expertise goes well beyond the audio and visual aspects of production. We do not take a blanket approach to creating content or shooting and editing the footage. Instead, we tailor our process and the content to the particular client, to the purpose of the video, and to the target audience, while also keeping the client’s overarching brand in mind.


In practical terms, this means that we work closely with our clients to develop the storyline for their content prior to filming to ensure that what we shoot is effective for that particular project and is consistent with the client’s overall brand and image. We also take a creative approach to filming so that the content we produce is visually compelling, even when the physical location itself is not particularly dynamic.


Our attention to our clients’ brand extends to the editing process. For example, we consider the kind of mood our clients want to set with their video and how color grading can impact that mood. We consider their target audience when deciding on how quickly or slowly to cut the footage together. And finally, we help our clients choose appropriate music for the video that compliments the content, fits within their brand, and suits the expectations of their target audience.


There are a number of ways we create content. For instance, we have produced commercials for our clients. We have also created highlight reels of their everyday business activities, special events, and/or conferences. We have produced interviews for our clients along with customer testimonials. And we have created value proposition and proof of concept videos that our clients have used to pitch their ideas, products, and services to potential investors. Additionally, we frequently take professional, but candid photographs to showcase our clients’ natural warmth and charisma for use on their websites and social media.


In addition to producing visual content, we provide our clients with styling assistance if they request guidance as to their professional image. We also provide copy writing services so that our clients’ written content reflects the polish and professionalism of their visual content.


If you are in need of these services, please reach out to us for a quote.  


($850)($920.13 after tax)

You get both the About Me/Business and the Highlight Reel video along with 20 high quality photos. This is our best deal because you get the most for your money since we are already on location filming. Separately these services would total $1271.94, so by choosing this package you are saving $351.81.  This job is 2 hours on location.