Storyboarding serves as a vital tool in the art of imagining a finished product. It guides the creator, illuminates potential pitfalls in production, streamlines the filming process, and provides a foundation upon which new ideas can flourish.

In Dallas, we find William Toliver, an artist of significant talent, who has committed himself to our team's mission of bringing our clients' visions into reality. His artwork has been exhibited at several shows, and notably at the Daisha Board Gallery. We eagerly await the moment when you, too, will meet Will.

This service we offer is comprehensive. It begins with forging the concept for your content, crafting it into words, and shaping it through the delicate art of storyboarding. The end product is a concept ripe for execution by 19 Production or any other company you may choose. Two rounds of edits ensure that your vision is fine-tuned to your liking, and the final concept will be delivered in a PDF file. It's a process grounded in collaboration and dedicated to the realization of your creative dreams.

The standard pricing for this service is a flat rate of $2,000. Should the project expand into something of a larger scale, then the price will appropriately reflect the additional work required to execute. In this endeavor, we value not only the craft but also transparency and fairness in our approach.

Hi, I am William Toliver, a self-taught contemporary artist currently living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I enjoy creating content using my artwork as a tool for empowerment and positive representation of all people. My goal as an artist is to challenge your perspective of our world by redefining the mental boundaries placed upon us by society. My ability to interpret the ideas of others into detailed drawings creates a look, style, and level of detail required for the storyboard of each production. My take on timeless subject matter features vivid colors and intricate details that create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Most of my inspiration comes from finding beauty in the simplicity of life, and the moments caught between camera flashes.

Solo Show at Daisha Board Gallery