The genesis of 19 Production is etched with the signature of Matthew Osborne. Born and raised in the heartland of Ohio, Matthew, at the tender age of nineteen, in the pivotal year of 1999, began threading his path in the expansive realm of media production. It was within that year, his hands orchestrating the birth of a self-published book, that he stumbled upon a profound revelation - his abiding love for the dance of light and shadow in photography, and for the symphony of movement and moments in film. With a camera in his hand and a vision in his mind, he grasped the power he held, the power to speak a thousand words without uttering a single one, to etch a message through the silence of visual media.

The years since that moment of discovery have seen him mapping landscapes of artists and businesses, both within the boundaries of his Ohio roots and in the vast expanses of Texas. His portfolio has grown as diverse as the land he's traversed, with music videos, promotional narratives, documentaries, and short films adding color to his canvas.

Alongside him, a brilliant ensemble of talent works in harmony, assisting him in encapsulating the memories and moments of his clients.Matthew's personal journey is enriched by the love of his life, his wife Amy, and the light of their world, their beautiful son.

His convictions are as strong as his passion for visual media - he is an unwavering advocate for civil rights, for equal rights, for women's rights, for the rights of the LGBTQ community, and a steadfast believer in the sanctity of science. He carries the belief that no human can be branded illegal, and he walks the path guided by the golden rule - to treat others with the kindness and respect that he himself would desire. This moral compass, we believe, should be a breath of fresh air for our clients, reassuring them that they are in an environment where each story is welcome, where each voice is heard, where each individual is valued and treated as equals.


Lisa Jelic Watson - Hair & Make Up / Marina Torres - Project Manager / Myles James - Photography / Matthew Osborne - Owner & Creative Director / Hope Brown - International Style / Melissa Rauch - Local Style / Cai Ranae' - Film & Photography / (Not in the photo - Amy Rauch - Copywriting / William Tolivert - Storyboard)