My business is called “Coach Kelsey Fitness.” I have one product I sell which is a 10 week coaching program called “Fit Mom.” I myself had a 50lb weight-loss journey after having my second kiddo and I tried about four different mainstream diets before implementing what is now the Fit Mom program. This program is everything I needed but couldn’t find in my own journey. I needed: – Fast progress (for motivation) – Lasting results (no yo-yoing) – Flexibility (I knew I wouldn’t stick to it perfectly 24/7) – Energy (restrictive diets made me feel like crap) In order to accomplish these things I create a simple approach with 3 steps and this is what really sets this program apart. I call these my 3 f’s (Foundations, Fit forever and Flourish) 1. Foundations- take a break from processed food & sugar 2. Fit Forever- make your meals fit your lifestyle 3. Flourish- accomplish goals beyond your dreams. One of the reasons I’m passionate about other people experiencing new levels of themselves and growing as people is because that’s what I’ve experienced along the way. In order to grow and make it as a business owner I needed leadership skills, confidence, organization etc. Those are things I had to gain by doing uncomfortable, risky and scary things. I had to put myself out there, take chances and be willing to fail in order to grow. Experiencing growth is never easy because we have to put our innate desire for survival to the side and jump into unknown territory. To me, not growing and staying exactly where I am now is even scarier. The last thing I’d want people to know about Coach Kelsey Fitness is that it’s always being poured into. I wont stop taking chances and the moms I work with can feel that in our community. It’s filled with moms who don’t want to settle, who want to be a part of something more….and I’ll always be there, pouring into this community and charging it forward.


We produced a series of marketing videos featuring Coach Kelsey, in which she breaks down the different aspects of her Fit-Mom program and shares her vision for its future development. Work, Exercise, Family, Romance, Body Love, & Flourish,