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Imagine is our premier product. It's where you and I get to unleash our creativity combined with your business to create a truly unique experience from other competitors in your field. Sorry to be repetitive but I want to post the description again.

Imagine a new way to create brand awareness. We create custom, original branded content seamlessly centered around your company and your product. Our original content can capture the way you want your brand to look and feel while simply placing your product in the environment in which it was intended to be used. But it’s not just about product placement; it’s more about making your product a character in the story, like the clothes and shoes in Sex & The City, the cars in the James Bond or Fast and the Furious movies, or Beats headphones in most music videos. We can help you do something similar with your products and your brand. For example, your product could be featured in a film, a show, a series, an album, or a podcast. Your product and brand is limited only by what you cannot imagine. We can help you imagine the possibilities.

Below is a clip of VanZyl, a series in development that we are using to demonstrate Imagine. This could be a clip about shoes, suits, clothes, or a Jaguar. To help you think of the possibilities, if this clip was centered around the Jaguar, we would have shot the scene around the car. Whatever the focus is, that's where we would highlight the product.