Musicians and Sneakers' is a show produced by long-time friends, Patrick Favors and Matthew Osborne, from 19 Production House.

In the midst of an industry often marked by exploitation and greed, a new  show is emerging to celebrate the intersection of music and sneaker culture while advocating for equity and fairness in the creative arts. "Musicians and Sneakers," a groundbreaking program, will feature conversations with musicians and creative artists from Dallas and beyond, exploring the ways in which their art intersects with sneaker culture and the wider social and cultural contexts in which they operate.

"Musicians and Sneakers" is not just a show - it's a community of equity, equality, and trust. The show's creators are committed to ensuring that all artists involved in the production are compensated fairly and equally, with no one profiting more than anyone else. By building a community of trust and mutual support, "Musicians and Sneakers" hopes to set a new standard for fairness and respect in the creative arts.

The show's title reflects the central themes that it explores - the ways in which music and sneaker culture intersect and influence each other, as well as the broader social and cultural contexts in which they exist. From the rise of hip-hop and its deep connections to sneaker culture, to the fashion and design elements that underpin both fields, "Musicians and Sneakers" offers a unique and compelling exploration of two of the most dynamic and creative spheres in contemporary culture."Musicians and Sneakers" promises to be a must-see program for anyone interested in music, fashion, culture, and the creative arts. With a commitment to equity, equality, and trust, this groundbreaking show represents a new vision for how the creative arts can be both celebrated and supported.